The Yi-Tao Bagua: A Timeless Model for Understanding the Universe

Discover the Yi-Tao Bagua, an ancient conceptual system that uncovers the essence of the universe's origin and its inherent logic.

The Yi-Tao Bagua: A Timeless Model for Understanding the Universe
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The Beginnings of Yi-Tao Bagua

Dating back over five thousand years, the ancient Chinese conceived a comprehensive theory regarding the origins of the universe, under the aegis of Fu Xi, the legendary inventor of Bagua. This conceptual system, known as "Yi" or the "study of Yi," revolved around a core principle referred to as "Tao," underpinned by a mathematical model known as "Bagua." Together, this holistic system is known as "Yi-Tao Bagua," an ancient theory that we endeavor to explain in terms that resonate with contemporary scientific understanding.

Yi-Tao Bagua and Modern Science: A Harmony of Perspectives

While the Yi-Tao Bagua and science appear as two distinct rational systems, their inherent rationality may eventually converge. The Yi-Tao Bagua's rationality shines forth in its portrayal of the universe in its entirety.

As a theoretical system, Yi-Tao Bagua uncovers the essence of the universe's origin. It begins by establishing a universal logical law known as the "Arrow-One." According to this law, a homogeneous space of the universe can form, which we refer to as the "absolute time-space system." This space, from its birth, is strictly bound by Fermat's Last Theorem, ensuring its overall "form" remains unchanged.

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The Mathematics of the Universe

By associating each "point" within this "form" with the natural numbers, we can gradually establish different spatial sets of "numbers." This allows us to describe, through "numbers," the identical or varied logical-mathematical properties of the universe's totality or portions. The system of foundational principles constituted by these descriptions is known as "Yi-Tao."

By applying the fundamental principles of Yi-Tao, we can delve deeper into describing the essence of the universe's motion, given that all material aspects of the universe rest upon their logical-mathematical character. The approach first categorizes numbers into different groups using the Remainder Theorem, and then, describes movement according to these number categories. This classification system is known as "Bagua."

Convergence of Yi-Tao Bagua and Modern Science

Though the Yi-Tao Bagua and science each belong to different rational systems, both have their focus. The Yi-Tao Bagua emphasizes the essence of the universe, its study object being the "absolute time-space system." In contrast, science focuses on the material aspect of the universe, its study object referred to as the "relative time-space system."

However, both the Yi-Tao Bagua and science are rational at their core. This shared trait suggests the possibility of a unity, a synthesis of the two distinct systems where the essence and material aspects of the universe are both acknowledged and understood. Through this merging, the ancient wisdom of the Yi-Tao Bagua can meet the innovative and empirical methods of modern science, offering a unique and comprehensive understanding of the universe.

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