From Self to Universe: Unpacking the Mysteries of Existence

Explore the profound concept of self-awareness through BaguaScience, intertwining ancient wisdom and modern understanding. Join us on a journey from "I-exist" to "He-exists," uncovering the mysteries of existence.

From Self to Universe: Unpacking the Mysteries of Existence
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As you sit reading this article, have you ever paused to consider the profound mystery of your own existence? Who is the "I" that comprehends these words? For centuries, scholars, scientists, and philosophers have grappled with the nature of consciousness and self-awareness. Today, we'll journey through the compelling "Yi-Tao Bagua" universe model to shed new light on this timeless question.

The Birthplace of Awareness: Inside the Mind

Our understanding of the world begins with our sensory experiences, which are eloquently termed "observations" in the scientific realm. But what is the source of these observations? The pulsating organ inside your skull - the brain. It interprets signals, processes emotions, and grants us the ability to think, remember, and dream.

In the heart of this biological marvel, there's an innate essence, the core characteristics that make us unique. It's the basis for our knowledge, beliefs, and personal experiences. This essence is crafted not only from the genetic code we inherit but also from the knowledge and experiences we accumulate over our lifetime.

Discovering the 'I'

At the heart of our brain's functions lies the concept of the 'Self,' often referred to as the "I." Think of the Self as a cell in the vast cosmos of human knowledge. Imagine, for a moment, that this cell is like a tentacle, reaching out from the subjective, internal world of our thoughts and emotions, to touch the vastness of the objective external world.

Remember the first time you felt pain? The sting of a bee, perhaps? In that instant, there was a recognition, an understanding. That's the 'I' realizing its existence - the "I-exist." We first comprehend existence by acknowledging our own.

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From 'I-exist' to 'He-exists'

Now, consider that there isn't just one 'Self' but multiple. Just as you are aware of your existence, so too is every other individual. These Selves can communicate, relate, and interact. Imagine two droplets of water coming close, their boundaries blurring till they merge into one. Similarly, our individual self-awareness can expand beyond just our personal experiences.

This is where the transition from "I-exist" to "He-exists" happens. The infinite extensions of these individual Selves correspond to the infinite experiences of others. In understanding others, we expand our own horizon of knowledge.

Drawing parallels to ancient wisdom, the Latin phrase "cogito, ergo sum" echoes this sentiment. René Descartes, the renowned philosopher, coined this, which translates to "I think, therefore I am." This proclamation underpins the foundational idea that our ability to think and reflect attests to our existence.

Personal Encounters with the Self

Growing up under the guidance of my father, an ardent student of both ancient Chinese philosophy and modern science, I was often encouraged to introspect. On quiet nights, we'd sit under the starlit sky, pondering the nature of the universe and our place within it. "Always start with yourself," he'd say. "In understanding who you are, you begin to understand the world around you." His words resonate deeply with the tenets of BaguaScience.

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Continuing the Exploration

As we reach the end of this narrative, I hope to have illuminated a fresh perspective on the ancient understanding of the Self and its profound implications. But, like all cosmic truths, it's an ever-expanding journey.

How do you perceive your "I"? How does your understanding of your own existence influence your perception of the world? Reflect, ponder, and delve deeper. The universe, after all, is not just out there in the vast expanse of space, but also within each one of us.

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